• Masters of Influencer Relations.

    We're an expertly trained team who are here to work with you at every stage of your campaign.

    Empowering Creators

    Everyone on our team has been an influencer. Creators who spend so much time creating content on blogs and social media, yet are challenged with building relationships with brands. We offer ongoing support, mentorship, marketing and social media education, photography, and videography education to our influencers so that they are up to date with the latest tools and requirements in the business.

    Masters of Influencer Relations

    We’re here to help brands navigate through the terrain of influencer marketing by guiding strategy, leading, ideation and overseeing the overall campaign direction. We represent a highly-curated network of ethnically diverse influencers whose blogs and social media channels cover a variety of topics, such as lifestyle, fashion & beauty, food, fitness, family, and travel.

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