• Michelle Darkoh Business Development for Brazen Influencers

    Michelle Darkoh

    Business Development Director

    Michelle is a modern day renaissance woman. Her passion for connecting with people, problem-solving and ideation have helped her build a successful track record. Michelle comes to Brazen Influencers with a background in project management, client support, and health policy. Michelle is an avid photographer, writer, travel addict, health, and fitness advocate, and culinary enthusiast whos' passion for creative storytelling led her to produce content that inspires and nourishes creativity.


    Growing up a global citizen, Michelle spent her childhood traveling the world navigating different cultures, and making new friends. Of Ghanaian descent, Michelle was born in California and speaks English and Kiswahili (aka ‘Swahili’). As a Social Media Marketer, Michelle draws on her diverse background.


    Her combined experience as talent, content creator, and marketer touches brings unique insight to content strategy, content creation and lifestyle branding. Her passion for creating and forging relationships led Michelle to join Brazen Influencers. Comfortable in both B2B and B2C relations, her range of skills is definitely put to good use.


    When she isn’t in the office, Michelle can be found surrounded by friends, snapping pictures with her camera, sampling new restaurants, and trying not to watch too much the Food Network and Travel Channel.


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