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Influencer Marketing Isn’t Just An Emerging Fad

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This week our founder, Daisi Pollard Sepulveda was featured alongside some heavy hitters in an article about the future of Influencer Marketing. We all agree that influencer marketing has become a key way for brands to reach their audience — especially on social media but many naysayers still believe it’s just a fab.

In an exert from the article, Daisi chimed in on how relationship building will be at the forefront of influencer marketing industry moving forward:

“Brands are going to look for Influencers to create content that brings consumers through a journey of product discovery, education and decision. Therefore brands will need influencers to work with them on a much more intimate level versus the current short term campaign based relationship.” — Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda, Founder at Brazen Influencers

To read the full article click HERE!

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