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#StopCyberbullyingDay Letter from the Founder

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Dear Influencers, Clients, and Partners,

When I was child, I was bullied for a birth defect and for being “hairy for a girl". Fortunately for me, that was before the internet was everywhere, social media and smartphones. Although, my birth defeat long gone and thanks to laser hair removal, I’m as smooth as a dolphin, the scars from being bullied are still there. I can’t imagine what it would be like to relive those bullying moments in todays social media world. There are many people who do and many of these brave souls are fans of Youtubers, Instagram Influencers and major brands. Think of them when you’re creating content for your audiences or developing new products to grow your customer base.

In age and industry where we’re constantly scrutinizing and being scrutinized in our public and private lives, it’s refreshing to take a step back and consider all of what ‘cyberbullying’ encompasses. We work in an industry that is so dependent on physical appearance and judgement it can be difficult to draw the line between “critiquing” and “bullying”. It’s a slippery slop that often results in hurtful words and actions.

At Brazen, we're proud to support Stop Cyberbullying Day, an internationally recognized day of awareness on June 15th! I hope to create a community that is diverse, supportive, inclusive and empowering. Join us and many of the top influencers in showing your support on social media by using the hashtag #StopCyberBullyingDay

If you’re being bullied, here are some resources that can help,


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